Creative Balance Photography | Testimonies

"My husband and I had a small wedding ceremony in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains last summer. We wanted it to feel intimate and simple, but also a very special occasion. Only our immediate family members were in attendance and it was the loveliest day. Haley listened to all of my ideas and suggestions (and believe me--I bombarded her with emails and pictures--she was awesome) and really made an effort to make the vision in my mind come to life. She made us feel very comfortable and made the experience so much fun. She has a very artistic eye, which was very important to me in choosing a photographer. I believe that although photos are only a piece of your special day--when artfully and meaningfully done--they can really help tell a story which you can then look back on for years to come. And almost feels as if you are reliving it. I would recommend Haley Grant to anyone looking for a photographer because she was so pleasant and helpful to work with. I really felt she cared about understanding the individual's wants and needs in a photo shoot and did everything to accomplish that. She even went above and beyond and sent us the sweetest little wooden USB drive with a picture of us printed on it. As well as around Christmas time, she sent us an ornament with our wedding picture on it. Those little special details really make her stand out. Thank you Haley for taking such lovely pictures of our wedding day. We will cherish them for the rest of our lives!" - Alison Werdann


"Haley was a joy to work with. She was friendly, kind, and patient. She took additional time and energy to ensure that she captured every pose and shot that we wanted. She was very understanding with the unpredictable nature of children.  The photos are beautiful and we look forward to cherishing them for years!" - Pamela Jeffcoat


"We were very pleased with Creative Balance Photography. Haley brilliantly captured our daughter’s 1st year of life. Each picture perfectly represented our daughter’s personality. Haley was not only able to create beautiful pictures in a studio but also at our home and her photos outside at a local park were beyond excellent. Haley’s talent did not stop with her perfect pictures but far extended to her hard work, attention to detail, patience, and reliability. We can’t thank Haley enough for providing us with pictures that we will treasure for a lifetime."  - Laura and Michael Mayberry



Professional, Creative, and FUN!

"We found Haley on Groupon.  Being familiar with Haley’s work from other family members, we booked her for our wedding.  Included in the Groupon was a session for engagement shots, and for the price it was an amazing deal!  At the engagement photo session, we got to meet both Haley and Amanda.  They drove far away to meet us at our location and were very flexible on times, and we were very grateful.  They were both so much fun and had so many great ideas for shots and poses.  This being both our first time in front of a camera like this, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was.  The energy Haley and Amanda brought to the session made it very relaxing and enjoyable.  The weeks before the wedding, I blew up Haley’s email asking questions and working schedules.  Me being the crazy person I am, wanted to schedule everything down to the last detail.  Haley patiently worked with me and assured me that all will be well.  Our wedding went perfectly, and Haley and her assistant captured it all!  They were with us the whole day, making sure all memories made were caught on film.  They were organized and worked with the group shots professionally and kept the mood light and fun.  All of the photos came out BEAUTIFUL!  The photo styles and editing went so well with the theme for our wedding; it was like photos from a magazine!  As everyone told me it would, the wedding went by so fast that it made me sad it was over.  But when I got Haley’s photos, it was like reliving it all over again.  Going through each picture overwhelmed me with happiness, as each photo perfectly captured the emotion and energy of the day.  These photos will be treasured in our home for the rest of our lives.  Thank you Haley for making them wonderfully special."  - Alyssa Mason



"When I was looking for a photographer for our maternity photos, what impressed me about Haley’s work were the vivid colors, how natural everyone looked and seemed to feel, and the variety of shots there were. I was also very impressed with how detailed her website was with information about time of day, what to wear, things to bring – some things I had thought of asking and some things I hadn’t even thought of but that were so helpful in planning our photos. It’s evident even before meeting her that Haley has a passion for photography and capturing precious moments in people’s lives.  Our session with Haley was really, really fun. Sometimes photos can seem like hard work – but this was relaxing – my husband and I really enjoyed our time with her and are looking forward to having her take our family photos with our new baby in a few months!  Capturing a very special time in your life is exactly what she does. My husband and I are overwhelmed with how beautiful our photographs turned out for this very special time in our life with our first baby just a few weeks away. " - Janis McNaughton Johnson


"We purchased a Groupon voucher to try out Haley and were excited to get some holiday photos from her in December 2013. However, when we arrived at the shoot,  we anticipated the worst because our three toddlers were completely non-compliant. It seemed that everything that COULD go wrong – DID go wrong. We even ended the session early because it just seemed to be such a waste of Haley’s time and talent. She was a joy to work with and even offered to do a make-up session in the spring so we could get in our second hour. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she sent our proofs. There were several AMAZING pictures of our children – that truly captured their personality. No one would ever guess by the pictures what a hard time we had controlling our little angels that afternoon. It’s a testament to Haley’s talent as a photographer and her true ability to capture those moments! Thank you Haley! We look forward to trying it again next month!" - Tami Bollerman


"My fiancé and I have been very impressed by Haley Grant.  Haley was a blast to work with and made us both feel incredibly comfortable during our engagement session with her.  She really went above and beyond, even spending extra time traveling from location to location with us to find the best settings for our photos.  We are thrilled with how our photos came out and will definitely use Haley again in the future!" - Carolyn Powers


"Our session with Haley was so enjoyable, and the pictures came back even better than I could imagine! She has the ability to make you feel comfortable and confident as she guides you through different poses. I also love that she was open to suggestions about poses that I liked. She was willing to do whatever it took, whether it was standing in crazy places or lying on the ground, to get the perfect the shot, and this made taking pictures with our 7 month old so easy! We will definitely be returning to Haley for more sessions." - Katie Clopton


"We used the photographic services by Haley Grant for head shots for my daughter's acting resume. She was great to work with, offering many suggestions for the perfect shot. We have gotten great feedback from her work and would definitely use her again. Thank you Haley for producing such professional images!" - Linda Tracy


"What we love about this company, that keeps us coming back is Haley. Her ability to sweetly coax a smile out of our little one or find the perfect pose to capture her personality is unrivaled. Our daughter hated having her picture taken- until we had a session with Miss Haley. Now she welcomes any opportunity to have her picture made, as long as Miss Haley's behind the lens." -Sarah Pruitt


"I've worked with several photographers in the past and I would have to say Haley was one of the best.  Her creativity allowed for many great action shots which didn't feel so staged. She was patient with my 2 year old who wanted to just run around and play. She even ran around with him and chased him all around the park. I am so excited to have worked with her and can’t wait to do many more sessions in the future." - Ruby Polas


"Haley Grant did an amazing job taking my 20 month old daughter's pictures. She was very patient and she had so many cute and unique ideas for children's photos. The pictures came out better than I could have ever hoped for. She will definitely be taking my daughter's 2nd birthday pictures!" - Jamie Randolph


"I was so impressed with my experience with Haley Grant and her photography. One of the things that impressed me was how well she distributed her time. We actually had 3 different sessions that turned into about 4 or 5. My siblings did some pictures, my brother and his wife did engagement shots, her aunt did some family shots, and my boyfriend and I did some couple shots. Haley did a great job of keeping us all busy and there was never a time gap in which anyone had to wait. She also provided all the props which was a huge help. Another great thing was we received our edited cd about a week after we did the shoot! Very impressed and highly recommended!" - Bethany Poole


"Haley did an amazing job on my engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures. She always listened to my requests and made sure she got those shots. She had fun and creative ideas. She helped make my wedding experience amazing! I absolutely love my photos!" - Brittany Cole Poole 


"Our family had a fantastic time with Haley and our photos are beautiful!  She worked well with our son, 9 months old, as he wanted to crawl around and was easily distracted.  I was thrilled to see our “preview” picture and excited at the quick turn around to see all of them.  She captured exactly what I wanted in our family photos!  I highly recommend Haley and cannot wait to book another session!" - Mandy Clary Hoyle


"Haley did an amazing job on my daughter’s 4 year photos. The photos captured the true personality of my daughter and are some of my favorite photos to date. From the beginning, the session was very laid back and comfortable. Haley was very patient and full of wonderful ideas. The experience was fun and my daughter was never nervous. I would definitely recommend Haley for any photography needs and I cannot wait until my next session!" - Brooke Lewis McCumber


"Haley Grant did an amazing job with my two children for their photo session. She had the ability to make them feel comfortable and kept them excited about taking pictures. It is not easy to keep an almost 4 year old and 2 year old interested for over an hour, but Haley did it with ease. My kids were having fun most of the time, not even realizing that they were having so many pictures taken! I am so happy with the pictures and cannot wait to have them framed all over my house:) I am already planning a fall photo session with Haley so that we can take pictures of our entire family next time!" - Jamie Broome Brown 


"Haley Grant did a wonderful job with our girls Christmas pictures. And believe me it was no easy task capturing precious pictures of a wild two year old and a 3 month old in about an hour and a half time! But the images are beautiful and everyone raved over the Christmas card. Thank you Haley! We will definitely use her talent again!" - Mandy Falls Broome


"Haley took photographs of my family Fall 2013.  The pictures turned out great and Haley took a lot of time with us to ensure she had good shots.  My children were ages 9 and 3 at the time and of course the little one was everywhere, but Haley managed to “capture” both of them and their personalities!  Thanks Haley!"  - Brandi Parris Hartman