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The Fellowship of the Photographer (or An Ode the Hair & Makeup Artists That Make Us Look Good)

Today's entry is going to be small but about a HUGE part of a successful photography session and photographer-client relationship. Whenever there is talk about the greatest of all time in sports, a person can bring up individuals, but an expert will bring up teams. A truly great leader and team member is successful by accepting his/her/their strengths and utilizing the strengths and expertises of his/her/their teammates.

Creative Balance Photography, LLC is not just a union of photographers and perspectives but also a symphony of skillsets that must work together for the best results. So today, we just want to acknowledge and show off the Hair & Make Up Artists we have had the pleasure of working with in the last couple of months. Without their art our portraits would just be pictures.


Ms. Rachel Quattlebaum - Greenville, South Carolina

...or as she's often referred as: "Hey, Rachel, I need you." Rachel is a double threat with a tremendous diversity in her styling ability and modeling. And between both of those major roles, she finds time to be a fantastic creative and assistant when begged. She brings a professionalism to her sessions, whether behind or in front of the lens, and is one of our most valuable gems in the South Carolina Upstate.

Rachel Quattlebaum on Instagram: @rachel__suzanne__


Southern Belle Artistry - Oliver Springs, Tennessee

Cassandra of Southern Belle Artistry

Cassandra and Jessica are a dynamic duo of hair, makeup, and southern hospitality. These two were a delight to work with and were able to take an abstract concept and make it real. Not only did they deliver on their craft, but our model was a first timer and was made to feel right at home. These two together are fantastic and are a tremendous team to have with us when we find ourselves working in Tennessee.

Cassandra and Jessica on Instagram: @southern_belle_artistry50


The Modern Face - Lake Orion, Michigan

Tiffany of the Modern Face

We were able to coordinate with Tiffany for a session in Detroit, Michigan in the middle of January which is no small feat for the midwest. Snow and ice everywhere and she still showed up and rocked out with no issue. We had touched base months in advance and had a few changes in concepts and then changes with models and Tiffany was communicative and unwavering. We're not sure how many things we tossed her way conceptually and after the dreaded "..." on our messages she replied, "I think I know what you mean," and proceeded to deliver a totally badass look for my model with a variety of styles. She was great to coordinate with remotely and a pleasure to work with on shooting day. She'll be our go-to artist whenever we're in the D.

Tiffany on Instagram: @the_modernface


Ms. Whitney Rodgers - Greenville, South Carolina

Whitney is an artist we just recently had the pleasure of acquainting ourselves with and all we can ask is where has she been our whole lives?! Her work is versatile. She can take three concepts, find a common core, and make it work across the entire session. She worked remotely for us this session and so we did not have the opportunity to engage face-to-face but her communication was top notch and she was transparent during the entire process. These Greenville women are no joke when it comes to hair and makeup.

Whitney on Instagram: @whitneyrodgers41

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