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For the first month of 2019, we decided it may be a good idea to let you know a little more of what goes on and what we are capable of doing at Creative Balance Photography. Perhaps the best way to do this is to recap the past week's variety of shoots. Check it out.

Friday. We began the morning with a bridal session with a twist. We photographed a classic style with the modern backdrop of Charlotte, North Carolina and a very simplistic setting. A cloudy day offered us some options for light and we were able to play around and give our bride a truly unique look and feel to her photos.

Model: Justine | Hair & Makeup: Rachel Quattlebaum

Later that day, we were privileged to have a simpler lifestyle home fitness session in the same space. Here we workshopped new techniques for photographing fitness apparel and had the freedom to try things out.

Model: Meagan

To finish out Friday, we had our first Headshot Happy Hour of 2019. These are opportunities for vendors and those related to our industry to get together, have a few hard or soft drinks, and socialize while able to get some fun shots done.

Models: Ashton & Jacquie

Sunday. Bright and early, we had a gym session at the Gold's Gym in Clemson, South Carolina. This was a really fun shoot where would could highlight our model, the apparel, and the gym. We wanted a grittier and more dramatic look than the aforementioned lifestyle fitness shoot.

Model: Lexi | Hair & Makeup: Rachel Quattlebaum

Tuesday. Set in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, we had the opportunity for a concept shoot. Here we showcased a feminized take on a vintage masculine fashion and place that juxtaposition into the picturesque backdrop of Greenville.

Model: Heather | Hair & Makeup: Rachel Quattlebaum

It also happened to be our model's birthday so we were able to take a few photos to celebrate.

Model: Heather | Hair & Makeup: Rachel Quattlebaum

In five days, we were able to capture these sessions with various styles, subjects, and locations. This has always been the core of Creative Balance Photography, a confident and equal approach to the various needs and wants for photos.

It is our pleasure to bring a unique experience and produce a personalized product for all of our clients. It is important to us to not only deliver what is asked, but to exceed expectations whilst adding our creativity and mark on our work. We are very excited to bring you all on this journey with us and we look forward to this big year of growth.

Thank you!

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